Abalone Altar Pieces

Prices, plus shipping**:

  • $35 (peacock)
  • $35 (owl)
  • $40 (phoenix) 

Each shell is roughly 7-8 in. in length, making them to be a larger size of Abalone. All are hand painted, using a variety of media such as acrylics, gouache and gel-pen inks. They are then sprayed with Krylon’s Preserve It! Gloss. Perfect for home decor or to add to your Altar as a unique piece. 

The Phoenix shell is a re-purposed antique jewellery dish with the original lacquer on the outer shell and has the original stands attached. It lays on a slight angle. 

As of now, this is all I have in terms of abalone shells. I am currently in the process of finding a decent supplier so I can paint more beings in them for any and all those interested in having a piece of their own. Prices vary depending on the shell size, complexity of the piece, materials used and how much time was spent from start to finish.

** Shipping is determined by destination. As I am from Canada, I use Canada Post to do most of my mailing. Depending on the weight of the shell(s) and where the buyer is located, it will vary on how much the shipping cost and if I need to express post or even add insurance (if buyer desires, but this will also be added to the cost of shell, the shipping fees and so on)

If interested, please send me a message to my Tumblr with a postal code so I can determine shipping costs with you. Thank you!


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girlfriend wanted

must love decorating for holidays
kissing in cars
and wind chimes

no specific height
hair color
or political affiliation required
but would prefer a warm spirited non racist

and “stick in the muds” need not reply

voluptuous figures a plus

any similarity in look, mind set, or fashion sense to
mary poppins
claire huxtable
snow white
or elvira wholeheartedly welcomed

i am dubious of actresses, fellons, and lesbians
but dont want to rule them out entirely

must be tolerant of whistling
tickle torture
james taylor
and sleeping late

i have a slight limp
eerily soft hands
and a preternatural love of autumn

I once misinterpreted being called a coal-eyed dandy as a compliment when it was intended as an insult

I wiggle my feet in my sleep
am scared of the dark
and think the Muppets Christmas Carol is one of the greatest films of all time

all i want is
butterfly kisses in the morning
peanut butter sandwiches shaped like a heart
and to make you smile until it hurts

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"After a rousing speech, his true weakness is revealed: He’s in love"

#i never thought we’d get such explicit canon #note that metatron doesn’t say to save ‘sam’ #or to save the ‘winchesters’ #but to save dean winchester #and don’t get me started on misha’s acting here #If this isn’t the face of a man who’s just lost the love of his life #then i dont know what is

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